The United States that we know today grew and evolved with the help of the steam engine and railways. As a matter of fact, some historians assert that railroads influenced the rate of economic progress during the 19th century. Undoubtedly, these steel highways made the lives of millions of Americans better.

Railroads have linked and unified communities and cities, made far-reaching changes in the transportation sector, and expedited economic developments for more than two centuries. The goal of SouthPenn Railroad is to connect people with the incredible world of trains and railways.

Transporting More than People

Despite the changes and modernization of the country’s transport system, railways are still being used to move carloads of coal, which help power millions of American households. Moreover, raw materials for consumer goods, agricultural and food products, motor vehicles and parts, and other commodities are also being transported across the nation through freight trains. Those who would want to know more about this process can do so by reading SouthPenn Railroad.

As per the Association of American Railroads, one of the industry’s core values is to promote safe and sustainable operations. Moreover, they make an effort to become responsible citizens of the society. In doing so, companies engage in various activities and initiate programs that will help increase  safety and minimize environmental consequences of their operations. SouthPenn Railroad supports this advocacy.

The World is a Railroad

SouthPenn Railroad believes that the world is a railroad, and those who do not travel only see one stop. We live in a very beautiful world. Once we truly open our eyes and explore the magnificence and splendor of nature, we will start to realize and appreciate the meaning of our life and our purpose.

Like your ordinary train-slash-railroad blog cum appreciation website, SouthPenn Railroad discusses the various facets of the industry and how it branched out to other sectors. For instance, you can read articles on the relationship of the sex trade and railroads, and the link between gambling and trains. We will also bring you to the days of the peak of the iron horse, which is during the Wild, Wild West.

Our website is not limited to train enthusiasts, but also to ordinary people who are interested in certain topics that involve trains and railroads. Let us help you navigate your own railroad and the tracks the way others see them.