Just like pop stars and music bands, sex workers also go on tour to cities where there is an opportunity for them to sell sex. For instance, news outlets reported that thousands of escorts flew to Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games. Data also showed that the sex industry in the city grew by 30 percent during the Olympics.

According to an article published by the Business Insider, there are six kinds of prostitutes. There are independent escorts, brothel employees, window workers, escort agency employee, bar worker and street worker. All but independent escorts have a distinct place where they “peddle their goods.” This is because these sex workers promote themselves online or globetrot to wherever an opportunity arises. Such kind of escorts are observed on the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Crossing Borders

Believe it or not, there are adult websites that give advice to escorts who plan to cross borders by land through trains. These tips will temporarily cloak your escort vibe and make it appear that you are just an ordinary tourist. For example, the US immigration or border patrol takes into custody people they deem as sex workers. Those who have been toiling the sex industry for more than 10 years are the most at risk of being detained when crossing borders.

According to an adult blog site, sex workers should dress decently and avoid putting on the clothes they used in promoting themselves online. More so, travelling with sex toys or lingerie is a big no no. Sex workers can purchase them after they had crossed over.

Sex Tourism and Human Trafficking

Every time Amsterdam comes into mind, the first thing that you’ll think of is prostitution. Sex tourism in Amsterdam yields $1.1 billion, which is equivalent to five percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of The Netherlands.

Tourists, travelers and backpackers go to the city to visit some museums, have parties and of course, engage in wild sex with prostitutes. But did you know that sex workers also wend their way to Amsterdam for the same reason? Some travel by trains and buses, while high-end escorts fly to the city.

Due to the enormous sex trade in the country, sadly, some girls are coerced into sex work. As a matter of fact, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime listed the country as the primary destination of victims of human trafficking. Like any other industry, the sex trade in the Netherlands also has its grey areas.